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 Ownership Contract:!!!

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Ownership Contract:!!! Empty
PostSubject: Ownership Contract:!!!   Ownership Contract:!!! EmptyMarch 6th 2009, 16:45

How to Be Owner

1- U have to be good Admin and Supreme accepted U as Owner
2- U should have paypal account or send by mail to Supreme the payments
3- The Real ownership for any GDC server is 10$ lvl 25- 26 (Who pay First
get the highest available spot)
4- Junior owner 5$ for lvl 22- 24 (Who pay first get the highest available
5- U get free level 21 in all other Vod's' servers that U don't own
6- The first month is Owner under tanning and supreme could take the
ownership from any Owner or JR owner if he messed up or failed in training.
(No refund)

For further information contact Grill or Weezy
Read the Owner's Contract


Ownership For Junior Owner:

Cost : $5 / month for each server he owns

> Level 22 - 24
> Referee>>> Will Be Given After 1 Months.
> About 40-50 Commands
> Level 21 In All GDC Servers!

Ownership Real Owner:

Cost : $10 / Month for each server he owns

> Level 25 -26
> Rcon>> Will Be Given After 1 months So We See If We Can Trust You.
> Referee>> Will Be Given After 2 weeks.
> About All Commands
> Level 21 in All GDC Servers not owned by him/here!

Ownership General Owner:

Cost : $30 / month

> Level 28
> Rcon>> Will Be Given.
> Referee> Will Be Given.
> About All Commands
> Level 28 in All VoD Servers!

Ownership Supreme Assistant Owner:

Cost : $30 / month

> Level 29
> Rcon>> Will Be Given.
> Referee> Will Be Given.
> About All Commands
> Level 29 in All VoD Servers!
> VoD Server / Fles access.

Terms of Conditions
If you abuse the power of rcon, ref, they will be removed from you and get proper Punishement from AAHand no refund will be given.

We DON'T tolerate any Of abuse We will give you a second chance and we will see if u got more mature than before and that we can trust you again.

You want to become owner Please Mail VoD Supreme Owners Grill/Weezy. You will Receive A mail within 24 hours. And when You Have been accepted level will be given by Supreme Owner Or Supreme Asistant Or General Owner.
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Ownership Contract:!!!
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